Headlight restoration

Headlight restorationModern headlights are made of polycarbonate and are subjected to many environmental elements such as ultra violet radiation, heat, humidity, dust, insects, acid rain, road salt, cleaning chemicals etc. Over time these variables have an impact and can result in hazy / foggy / yellowish / oxidised lights which are not only cosmetically displeasing, but are actually a safety issue too due to the lack of illumination.

Replacing headlights can be very costly. In most instances we are able to restore headlights to ‘like new’. To ensure they remain this way we also apply a ceramic coating to protect them from the elements.

There are a number of ways to repair headlights, some are instant with minimal effort but these ‘tricks’ don’t last. We will assess the headlights and carry out the best method to ensure the optimum results and longevity.

Typical headlight restoration may require multi-stage sanding, multi-stage polishing followed by ceramic coat application.

From $120
Time taken: 2+ hours

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*Access to electricity is required.
** Prices may vary due to different sizes and condition of the headlights.