Interior Detail

BMW X5 M Sport

With our premium products and our rigorous attention to detail we will transform your interior back to a like new state whilst adding light protection.

Our interior detail includes the following:

  • Dash, instruments and air vents detailed using safe brushes to remove dust from those intricate areas.
  • Plastic and vinyl cleaned and treated with light UV protection and left with a matte finish.
  • Carpets, upholstery and boot thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Glass and mirrors cleaned inside and out using a specific glass cleaner free from ammonia.

See our Bolt Ons for accompanying exterior services.

From $130
Time taken: 2+ hours

*Access to electricity is required.
** Prices based on a medium sized vehicle in average condition.
*** If the vehicle is heavily soiled, has pet hair or sandy we may have to adjust our charges.