Exterior Detail

BMW 3 Series CoupeOur exterior detail is perfect for freshening up your exterior and leaving it shiny and lightly protected.

Our exterior detail includes the following:

  • Wheels detailed with various safe wheel brushes and using a specific pH neutral wheel safe cleaner which also decontaminates.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and outside with a specific glass cleaner free from ammonia.
  • High pressure rinse.
  • Car is washed safely with the 2 bucket method using a pH neutral shampoo to ensure none of your current paint protection is removed.
  • Vehicle hand dried with a super soft towel made from premium grade microfibre.
  • Spray wax/sealant applied to add further protection and enhance the gloss of your vehicle.
  • Tyres conditioned with a safe on rubber, wheels and paint work conditioner which conditions and preserves the rubber whilst leaving a deep black finish.

See our Bolt Ons for accompanying exterior services. 

From $90
Time taken : 2 hours

*Access to water and electricity is required.
** Prices based on a medium sized vehicle in average condition.
*** If the vehicle is heavily soiled, has pet hair or sandy we may have to adjust our charges.